On April 1, 2005, Kubota Corporation and C.I.Kasai Company Limited merged their plastic pipe divisions into a new companycalled Kubota-C.I.Company Limited.
Both companies have contributed to the development of infrastructures in Japan over half a century though the sales of plastic pipe products with excellent functionallity and ease of installation.

Kubota ChemiX Co., Ltd.

Company name changed to Kubota ChemiX Co., Ltd. in regard to dissolution of capital investment from C.I.Kasei Co., Ltd.
We had to be fully owned subsidiary company of Kubota Corporation as of 1st May, 2016. We'll enable to decide more quickly, and strengthen the cooperation with pipe system business such as ductile cast iron pipe of Kubota from now on.

for more information, contact : kc_g.en.www.info@kubota.com

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